How to Make a Compliment / Complaint

Compliment an officer or employee:

We always like to hear if we do a good job.  If there is a specific officer/employee you want to recognize, please take the time to call the on duty supervisor at (661) 654-2677 and provide your contact information for a call back if he/she is not available.  OR, you can write a quick letter addressed to the Chief of Police, so a copy can be submitted for recognition.  Anonymous letters cannot be submitted for recognition so ensure to include your name and contact info on these letters.  Letters can be mailed or emailed to If you do not have their name when you call or write in, please provide the date and time of the contact so a supervisor can research the incident to locate the information.

How to make a complaint:

The University Police Department is dedicated to working in partnership with our community as such, it is the policy of the California State University Bakersfield Police Department to investigate all citizens' complaints in order to assure we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard.  This process will assure we take corrective or remedial action when and where it is necessary.  We encourage your recommendations for improvement in any manner including the complaint process.

There are three ways you may file a complaint:

1) You can come to the police department at any time day or night to make a complaint.

2) You can come to the police department at any time day or night, obtain a copy of a complaint form, complete it and return it to the police department in person or by mail.

3) You may go "on-line" and printout this complaint form at complete the form and bring it directly to the police department or mail it. 

When completing this complaint form, please provide as much detailed information as possible (include extra pages as necessary). Please include the names and telephone numbers of all involved parties.

We thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.  In order for us to promote public trust and confidence in our department and its personnel, your comments and complaints are valuable to us.